The Rainbow

The teachings emphasize that besides the seven visible colors, there is an eighth color: clear Crystal Light. This concept aligns with the traditional teaching that all things come in multiples of four, up to 32, based on the sacred number four.

Cinnamon has a storied history dating back to antiquity. It was imported into Egypt as early as 2000 BC

Manna fell from the sky in the morning and collected on the ground like dew.

Bird Pin or Spatula found in the art of Tiwanaku represent Scorpio (Eagle) – 17,000 BC


Golden objects

This list of 70 golden objects out of the Bible includes specific physical objects, symbolic uses of gold, and metaphorical references.

The Ark of the Covenant is a biblical artifact described in the Book of Exodus. It is a sacred chest made of wood and covered with gold.

According to Mathias de Stefano, these Djeds created a field wherein everything within would be levitating.